Incentivised Feedback

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What is it?

Incentivised feedback is all about learning from your clients (and prospects) by incentivising them to share their thoughts.


Why does it work?

It works because very few people will be happy to spend time trying to help your business and provide their thoughts for free. But, for the cost of a gift card or a discount off a next purchase, you can easily access some incredibly valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t work with your offering.



How can you use it?

Think about the things you would love to know about your business / offering . What could you improve? what is going well? what do people really want? Collate a short list of questions together and then use the power of incentivising people for their feedback – either in the form of a direct reward such as a gift card, or a discount on their next purchase to gain access to their opinions. Done well, the insight from such an exercise can prove invaluable in terms of your future success.



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