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What is it?

Understanding where leads come from is important so we know what works, what doesn’t and what to focus on .


Why does it work?

It works because, like any metric in your business, knowing what to track and how will give you insight into what’s working and where you can improve. If you can’t tell me where the best place for you to find buyers is… then you need to implement this.


How can you use it?

To put this into action, there are 4 strategies to use.

  • Tracking software like the Meta pixel or Google Analytics.
  • Tracking code promotions – “Quote TUBE10 for 10% off”
  • Unique URLs – I might send my Instagram people to this URL so I know where they came from – www.clearsalesmessage.com/instagram
  • Asking people – Simple but it works, just ask people how they heard about you.



On my Selling Confidence™ Score site, I simply ask people as they begin.



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