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What is it?

One Step Ahead is all about reminding your buyers that your offering is there for them in a time of need, until that moment they will always be one step ahead of their problems and the competition.


Why does it work?

It works because we like to feel like we have an advantage over the competition, are somehow accessing exclusivity and that we won’t miss out. If you are selling a service or product that is only deemed valuable when used (like insurance) then focus your efforts on the fact that your buyer is prepared.

A smoke alarm can sit in your house for years and be forgotten about, but when it activates in the middle of the night, wakes you up and saves your life – THEN you see the value. You bought the alarm to know in your time of need you would be one step ahead of a fire. And lets not forget that not having the smoke alarm and not being one step ahead has consequences


How can you use it?

If you have a “just in case” offering, where the value is only really seen as and when you are called upon, remind your buyer of the consequences and bad things that can happen to them or problems they may face, so they know that in that moment they needn’t worry – they’ll be one step ahead. 🙂


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