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What is it?

Option Packages are all about collating together options so that it’s easier for buyers to understand and choose.


Why does it work?

In the same way we like to buy a bundled deal or even a mega pack version of an offering, having pre-selected defaults for various options can make it easier for buyers to choose. In the car world,  these option packages are often used when concerning things like having a “sport package” or a “comfort package”. By collating together options to give a “sporty” or “comfort” feel, it’s easier for buyers to get what they want instead of manually picking individual options.


How can you use it?

Depending on your offering, but definitely if it is large and complex, consider what your buyers are looking for and then create “packages” of options to reach those desired outcomes. Whether it’s a “luxury” package, a “budget” package or one that is “sporty”, think about what matters to your buyer and how you can curate the right selection of options to help them achieve their desired outcome.


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