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What is it?

When a phone number “spells” a word and is communicated in that way, it can make it much easier for potential buyers and callers to remember you. Phone number keypads have letters for each number, so to spell a word, you simply need to know which numbers correspond with which letters.


Why does it work?

It works because it simplifies things.

If my phone number was 0800 52637 you might struggle to remember it, but if it was communicated as 0800 JAMES then you are much more likely to remember it.

For example – “James” in a phone number would be 52637

  • J- 5
  • A- 2
  • M- 6
  • E- 3
  • S- 7


How can you use it?

To make this work, you need to purchase a custom phone number for your business and, using the alphanumeric keypad on a phone, understand which numbers you need to spell the word you need.



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