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What is it?

When it comes to following up your potential buyers, it’s important that you avoid making low/no value poor follow ups as they can erode confidence and repel buyers.


Why does it work?

This has happened a million times before – you probably have emails in your inbox right now that fall into some of these poor practices. It works to push people away because you’re basically trying to find  ways to say “can I have your money yet?” despite a lack of response from your buyer.

The reality is, if you don’t have something constructive or valuable to say, then the follow up is probably not going to work. Your time might be better spent finding new potential buyers.


How can you use it?

If you want to repel people and annoy them, then here are some low/no value follow ups that you can start using today!


  • Checking in / touching base – If your buyer was interested, would you need to check in?
  • “Did you get my email?” – This is a lie and you know it, your emails are being received – they aren’t responding because they’re probably not interested – not because of an IT glitch.
  • Just bumping this to the top of your inbox… – This is one of my pet hates, Emails don’t need bumping
  • James? – The absolute WORST – sending me a question mark or my name and a question mark
  • ObligationYou aren’t owed a response, so don’t be rude to people about it.
  • Using false scarcity – “We only have 2 spaces left- it’s selling fast” – when there are UNLIMITED spaces available…
  • Using comedy – I’ve actually had an email from someone asking me if I was abducted by Penguins – I get it, they’re trying to be funny, but for me at least, it’s just annoying.
  • Spamming– I once had a guy send me TWELVE emails (I replied to none of them) asking me if I wanted his free guide…. err no, that’s why I have ignored you TWELVE times in a row!


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