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What is it?

Stop your competition and protect your brand by owning not only the domain names for your business/product/services, but also close alternatives.


Why does it work?

It works because anyone looking to copy or compete with you will need to secure a domain name to operate from for their website. I’d rather spend £10 a year to protect my business from copycats or the competition than spend THOUSANDS on legal fees and trying to defend my marketshare and brand.


How can you use it?

To make this work, you need to do 3 things:


1- Own all of the “.com” domains for your business/product/service.

2 – Own the close alternative names that your competitors could use.

3- As an added bonus, if you can own “the” term for your offering (the vernacular) then you are streets ahead. A prime exampleof this is diy.com in the UK.



Amongst others, I own the domain “clearbrandmessage.com“.

This is to stop my competitors from using the term and also to capture any potential visitors who may not remember my name correctly…



A cautionary tale

Someone (other than Nissan) owns www.nissan.com and have turned the page into a warning about the company as they have allegedly tried to force the person to give up the domain name.

The fact is, whoever is first to the domain often has the power.



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