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What is it?

There’s nothing worse than paying for something you don’t get the benefit from. If you are selling any kind of credit or tokens to your buyers, then having no expiry and allowing them to “rollover” ensures the buyer feels like they have got what they paid for.


Why does it work?

It works because it’s the fair thing to do. To charge a client for something that has a limited timeframe for use feels like something that has been created in the interests of the seller and not the buyer. By allowing the buyer to access everything they have paid for, you can completely avoid issues and feelings of unfairness or buyer’s remorse.


How can you use it?

This will only work if you are charging your clients for tokens or credits for access to something or usage of something.

If this is you, then you simply need to decide the parameters of what you will allow to rollover and for how long and communicate this to your buyer. Allowing the rollover of credit indefinitely would be the preferred option for the buyer (and my recommendation) but you need to make a commercial decision on what will work for your business.



ID mobile offer rollover of unused data on their mobile phone plans.



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