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What is it?

Stunt marketing is about using clever, timely or slightly devious tactics to seize attention by shocking or surprising.


Why does it work?

It works because of the element of surprise, combined with the intelligence of the opportunity. In the example here, DHL shipped parcels through their competitor that said “DHL is faster”.

The parcels had a special coating which meant the writing was hidden until the package heated up, so the unsuspecting UPS driver collected the parcel and then it changed to an advert for the competitor. A complicated plot, but it got the attention of the media which is the point. See more here.


How can you use it?

This is not easy to implement – there is no one size fits all… We need to be careful that we remain lawful and don’t get into trouble, but also seize as much attention as possible. Richard Branson famously has used attractive women, tanks and other things to seize attention. The main point to consider is how could you visually seize as much attention as possible and make it something that someone would want to share with a friend. Combining the two elements of  visual impact and viral appeal is not easy but is how to succeed here. (Reverse Graffiti is an inexpensive and popular choice for shops/bars/physical locations.)



The most obvious and common example of stunt marketing occurs on 1st April every year – printing real money from your phone via PayPal anyone…?


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