The Aftercare Effect

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What is it?

The Aftercare Effect is all about providing the information, resources and tools that your existing clients will need to get the best from your offering and help them if something goes wrong.

Why does it work?

It works because it provides a level of convenience and ease of use that most businesses do not offer. If I go to use your offering and have an issue, it’s much simpler for me as a buyer to access your FAQ or tutorial or to buy a spare part than to have to call your office and spend time resolving the issues. Providing a “self service” offering for client aftercare is simple to implement and greatly appreciated by your clients as you demonstrate you understand their needs and care for them beyond the sale.


How can you use it?

Depending on your offering, there are a number of different elements you can use to take better care of your existing clients / users.

  1. Paperwork / Guides / Manuals – As with the LEGO example access to important documents.
  2. Forum – Access to other users to share experiences and ask questions.
  3. Spare parts – The ability to fix what they already have through buying a new part for it.
  4. FAQ – Access to common user questions so they don’t need to spend time reaching out to contact you.
  5. Troubleshooting – Access to common user issues and guides on how to resolve.
  6. Tutorials – Access to tutorials providing guidance on how to use your offering.
  7. Useful links – Links to useful things such as all of the above 🙂

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