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What is it?

It seems that every day of the year (as well as most months and weeks) has some kind of theme – be it funny, charitable or commercial. If these themes are relevant to your offering or your clients then it’s an opportunity to promote your offering and seize attention.


Why does it work?

A variation of The Timely Effect, it works because it’s making a relevant and meaningful connection with your buyers whilst also utilising existing promotions and goodwill to give you a boost. If you sell Maple Syrup, then surely “Maple Syrup Day” is one of the best times (and reasons) to promote your goods and outreach your audience. It can also work thanks to The Good Cause Effect – if there is a charitable event that’s relevant to your brand you can also use that to promote yourself AND do some good at the same time too.


How can you use it?

Go to websites like this one (https://www.daysoftheyear.com/) and look at the upcoming themed days and events to plan for the coming weeks and months. When you find something that is of interest to your buyers or relevant to your business – make plans to advertise or promote your offering to coincide with the event.


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