The Durability Effect

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What is it?

Promoting the durability of your offering can be an attractive angle – particularly for heavy users or for expensive items where repair or replacement would be very costly.


Why does it work?

It works because it reassures your buyer that the money they have spent will last as long as possible which is another way of justifying the price and demonstrating ROI.

The longer your product lasts, the higher the perceived quality and the lower chance of your buyer needing to pay for a repair or maintenance.


How can you use it?

Is durability important to your buyer? Is it something your product can genuinely promote?

If it is, then here is how you can promote it:


  • Number of tests – Like the IKEA chair, has your product been tested xxxx times?
  • Extremes  – Taking inspiration from car manufacturers, can you show durability through extremes of temperature / weight or other factors?
  • Amount of time – Some products have been working for xxx years and remain unchanged and serviceable – could this apply to you?



Ikea have physical installations in their stores to show continual durability tests on their Poang chairs to simulate siting in the chair for literally millions of times. The machines run 24/7 and can be seen in most IKEA stores.



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