The In House Effect

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What is it?

When you design, manufacture, assemble or create your offering completely “in house” or in one location – it can imply quality as you “own” the supply chain.

Why does it work?

It works because having control over every element of your offering from inception to delivery means you have control over every stage of the process from the quality of the end result to the time it takes to deliver. Doing everything “in house” provides a level of implied quality assurance and control that isn’t possible if you outsource or rely on outside contractors to deliver your offering.


How can you use it?

This works for physical products more-so than intangible services, but there is value in both. Whatever your offering, consider which outside contractors you rely upon to deliver your end product or service – are there any? If you have outside help with marketing or accountancy then that doesn’t matter –  the definition of “in house” means you don’t rely on outside help to deliver the end result of your offering.


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