The Landing Page Effect

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What is it?

The landing page effect is all about recognising that every piece of communication you put out into the world needs to work like a landing page – it needs to draw buyers closer to buying where at all possible.

Why does it work?

It works because your potential buyers won’t find you and your offering in a linear fashion. They may never visit your website, or not see the homepage, they may just see an old tweet from 18 months ago that caught their eye. For that reason, we need to be sure that whatever piece of communication someone sees, it helps to draw them closer to us by being engaging or valuable in some way.


How can you use it?

Consider your social media posts, the emails you send and every piece of communication / branding that you have. Does each piece help to move someone closer to understanding your offering and then buying from you? If not, what could you do to optimise and streamline your communication?


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