The No News Update

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What is it?

The No News Update is all about keeping clients updated even when there’s nothing to report. It’s all about showing the client they haven’t been forgotten and you are on the case when they are waiting for something important to happen.

Why does it work?

It works because your clients want to feel valued and important. It’s all too easy to only make contact when there’s something to report, but if you are waiting on something important then a quick email, text or call to say “we’re still on the case but nothing has happened yet” goes a long way to reassure your client that all is in hand.


How can you use it?

If you have long lead times for things to happen for your clients, make sure you don’t just contact them when the “thing” happens.

Make an effort to keep them updated on a daily/weekly/monthly basis as appropriate. Even though there’s nothing to report, you are reassuring your buyer that they matter and that you are actively managing and monitoring the situation.

Once you understand the concept, it makes no sense to only speak with your client when the thing happens, keep them updated, show them they matter. It works.



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