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What is it?

The Ready to Use Effect is about ensuring you give your client everything to meet their needs within your offering. It’s “washed and ready to eat” salad or premixed screenwash for your car.

Why does it work?

It works because as humans we gravitate towards the path of least resistance. By providing everything a client would need in your offering, you can not only stand out against the competition but can also make bolder claims as to the results and deliverables.

Your clients aren’t necessarily looking for the cheapest option – they are looking for the easiest and most comprehensive. By offering everything your client needs and focussing on the convenience and directness of results you can sell a “more expensive” option to a client.

How can you use it?

Depending on your offering,  identify everything your client will need to meet their needs and combine it into your offering. This might mean a partnership, a larger or more expensive version of your offering. That’s OK.

For this model, we are moving away from price and looking at value. If you can confidently tell a potential client you have everything they need and have done the legwork for them, suddenly the price is less of an issue…


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