The Sex Effect

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What is it?

The Sex Effect is one of the most commonly used methods of seizing attention in marketing and messaging. At a basic human level we are constantly assessing our environment – Can I eat it? Can I kill it? Can I have sex with it?

Why does it work?

It works because Sex is a universal draw for attention and interest. Man, woman, gay or straight we all have a biological interest in sex which is triggered by sexual imagery or terminology. The desire to have sex or to make ourselves a more desirable sexual partner drives many of our decisions in everyday life.

How can you use it?

Using sexual references and imagery are not suitable for everyone. That said, you can harness the benefits of this effect in more subtle ways than you may think. How does your offering make your client a more attractive person? Could you show your offering alongside attractive people and places? It doesn’t always have to be explicit to work.


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