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What is it?

The Treat Effect recognises that as human beings we often feel entitled to and deserving of many things which we don’t have. By appealing to this desire to “spoil” or “indulge” we can display empathy and increase our chances of making the sale.

Why does it work?

Life is tough. We work long hours, get up early, go to bed late, try to eat well, exercise, save money, spend time with loved ones, have time alone, decorate, exercise, learn, grow, travel….

You get the picture.

In our world of excess and overwhelm we can lose ourselves as people and feel like we are doing everything for everyone else and nothing for ourselves.

The Treat Effect recognises this imbalance and encourages our potential clients to act on their urge to put themselves first “for a change”.


How can you use it?

By recognising the pressures of your potential client and the fact that they often don’t come first, you can make it clear that you understand.

Painting a picture of their stressful life where everyone else seems to come first and contrasting that with indulging in your product or service because they “deserve it” confirms that perhaps it is time to spend some time and attention closer to home.

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