The Voice Note Effect

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What is it?

A voice note (or Loom video) can be a really powerful tool for getting the attention of your buyer.

Why does it work?

It works for a couple of reasons:

1 – It can’t be faked. If you get a voice note or video from someone, they can’t “cut and paste it” or spam you – they need to put effort and energy into it.

2- It allows for connection. When we hear people talk or see them talk, we can generally “size up” the person from their energy – more on that here.

3 – It’s shows you care. Taking the time to send someone a personal note is WAY more powerful that any typed message.


How can you use it?

Whether it’s the start of your relationship and you are sending a connection request to someone, or you are in a conversation with them on social media – using voice notes is all about making the conversation “more serious” in terms of showing the other person that you value them and want to focus on a specific thing in the conversation,


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