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What is it?

How do you know if something is a Clear Sales Message™ ?

For me, there are two ESSENTIAL components that must both be present – it has to resonate with the person/business but it also has to work commercially too.


Why does it work?

It’s one thing to be clever with wordplay and catchy, but it’s quite another for people to actually understand your offering and why they should care about it.

We need both of those elements.

This is where so many go wrong, they focus on being funny/witty/catchy and forget whether or not buyers actually “get” the message.


How can you use it?

For me, the resonance of a message with a business owner is the first and most important consideration – if somethign does’t resonate then t won’t be used and we’ll be wasting our time. There’s no point saying things and using terminology “because James told me to use it”


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