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What is it?

How many clicks does it take for me to buy from you? or contact you? or do anything I would need to do as a buyer? Being clear on the number of clicks can make you an attractive choice for people with no patience or time to spare…


Why does it work?

It works because it promotes speed, ease and the path of least resistance. We’ve all been in situations where we have abandoned something because it took more time than we had or were expecting – or didn’t even START something because we suspected it would take too long. Being clear on number of clicks helps us to make a better buying decision.


How can you use it?

Simply count the number of clicks on your website to do something and then promote it. A word of warning though… 3/4 clicks sounds appealing, but 12 clicks doesn’t. If the number of clicks is more than 5 then consider reporting on the time investment to complete the task. under 2 mins sounds better than 20 clicks for example…



This company highlights how easy it easy to create your own bed in just 3 clicks using their configurator.



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