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Sales is about connection. Make your client “see” the end result.

When it comes to making decisions, quite often emotion can beat logic.

But why? Surely when presented with the facts we make a level headed judgement based on the truth and on logic?

Not quite. As humans we are emotional beings, not logical beings and as such emotion can overpower logic which means you need to communicate with your potential clients differently to engage them.


What is it?

Recognising that your clients are buying the end result, the destination (and not the journey) is everything in sales. When you can get your clients to think about the end result and visualise what that may feel like or what that may mean then you are more likely to create a connection.


Why should you care?

Delivering facts and figures and “telling” clients is one thing, but if you only communicate in the logical you may be losing sales. Encourage your clients to experience the end result of your product or service before they have even purchased to create the emotional connection and increase your chances of a sale.


How can you overcome it?

Emotions are tricky things – especially in the business environment, but making an emotional connection with your clients is essential to driving sales, loyalty and satisfaction.

Two simple techniques to increase emotional engagement:

Use visualisation

Ask your client to imagine what it would be like when they have your product or service and contrast that to the current day.

Use the phrase “this means”

Business often sell features and clients buy benefits, to turn a feature of a product into a benefit, you simply need to use the phrase “this means”. For example the Clear Sales Message book is full of useful templates and tools (feature) this means you can create a much clearer sales message yourself without paying for consultancy (benefit).


In a nutshell:

Remembering to communicate with clients in terms of the benefits, the end result and how that would look and feel are at the heart of creating a connection and appealing to the emotional needs of your clients.



Your Amazon order history is probably the best example f this in action.

Look at your recent purchases – which were impulsive and “irrational” and which were truly necessary?…. be honest 😉



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