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What is it?

Buyers want their problems solved and their needs met quickly and fully. If your offering “fixes” something the first time and doesn’t need anything else, or any more time… then it’s an INCREDIBLE competitive advantage.


Why does it work?

It works because people want the least amount of risk and the maximum amount of certainty possible then they buy. If your solution works first time – there’s not much waiting and no messing around or being disappointed or delayed.. then people will pay handsomely for it.

You just need to recognise this fact, own it and communicate it with confidence.


How can you use it?

The main thing is to confidently communicate what you are capable of.

To make this work, your offering needs to actually work (!) and there needs to be some immediacy and permanence to the solution you provide.

You may never have considered this notion before – especially if you have a service based offering, but if you can substantiate a claim that your offering works first time, then it’s well worth promoting to your potential buyers.


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