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What is it?

Pointing out who your offering is ideal for can help buyers to navigate your offering and make the best decision for themselves. It can also help when selling your offering too as it allows us to speak directly to who we want to sell to.


Why does it work?

It works because it provides specificity and it reduces the need for your buyer to think or research your offering. By making it as easy and obvious as possible for your buyer to make a decision, we can not only make buying easier and more pleasant – we can avoid buyer’s remorse too.


How can you use it?

We can use an “ideal for” statement for your offering as a whole, parts of your offering, or even in your pricing and ascension model. It’s purpose is to allow buyers to make the best decision possible and find the most appropriate solution to their needs.


  • The type of buyer they are – ideal for one person businesses.
  • A problem they are faced with – ideal for businesses who are fed up with feast and famine.
  • A trigger point that’s motivating them – ideal if your cashflow is entirely unpredictable.


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