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What is it?

This is all about having a simple statement that makes it clear what your buyers can expect from your offering.

Why does it work?

It works because it cuts to the chase and focuses on what matters. It states in as few words as possible what someone can expect from your offering and perhaps even the timeframe over which they can expect it. In terms of seizing buyer attention and making your case it’s a powerful tool.

How can you use it?

Think about where your buyers start; where are your buyers moving “from” in the first place. What’s their pain point? what’s their trigger?

With that established you need to consider how you leave your buyers better than when you found them and what they are “really” buying (sell the destination not the journey)

Finally, if you can, then being clear on the speediness of your offering can solidify everything.

From <pain> to <end result> in <timeframe>

For example, for my Scared to Sell book, I use this transformation statement –

(as an added bonus, use alliteration to make it even more impactful)


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