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What is it?

QRM is quickest route to money. It’s a great way to find your focus if you are overwhelmed or unsure what to do next.


Why does it work?

It works because it provides a simple decision making mechanism that can save you wasting time and energy being lost and lacking focus. Focussing on the quickest route to money (as a seller) is very unlikely to be a bad choice.


How can you use it?

The next time you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, lacking focus or not sure what to do next. Focus on the thing you can do that will get you a step closer to making money. It could be following up buyers, making new outbound emails or calls or it could be engaging on social media or networking. Whatever it is, 99% of the time the QRM involves interacting with other people – not sitting at your desk “preparing” or doing other non productive or critical tasks.


Examples of QRM:

QRM nearly always involves communicating with potential buyers – they have the money after all…

  • Chasing up old prospects
  • Upselling / speaking with existing clients.
  • Outreach
  • Social Media Engagement and posting (to a point..)
  • Running / Optimising ads


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