Respectfully Curious

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What is it?

Having the right tone when speaking with buyers can make or break a relationship, rapport and ultimately the sale. Being respectfully curious ensures you ask the right questions to help the buyer, but that you don’t accidentally insult them by being too critical.

Why does it work?

It works because it helps you as the seller to ask the right questions to move the conversation, but without being rude.

Without using the notion of being respectfully curious, you might find yourself saying things you will regret later. Having a defined tone of voice helps keep you on track.

How can you use it?

Print out the words “Respectfully Curious” and keep them nearby when you are speaking to clients. Whilst it’s nearly impossible to give you an exhaustive list of words, terms and phrases you can use, the concept of being respectfully curious should be all you need to keep you on track.


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