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What is it?

Social Proof is the act of using reviews and comments from other clients to reassure and attract potential new clients when it comes to a SPECIFIC use case.

Why does it work?

It works because if you are considering buying something, the reviews and comments of others can help to fill in the gaps as well as reassure you that you are not alone in “taking the risk” and buying the product or service. Social Proof alone is a good thing, but having specific and relevant social proof for the individual products/services/use cases that you have is yet more powerful.

How can you use it?

Using third party review sites such as Google, TripAdvisor, Trust Pilot and others is a credible way to request and collate the honest and unbiased comments of your clients.

Using case studies and testimonials can provide a more in depth and contextual example for potential new clients, reassuring them of how your product or service works, as well as the fact that others are also buying.


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