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What is it?

Focussing on “how” you do what you do in the form of diagrams and processes can encourage buyers to place their trust in you.


Why does it work?

It works because it uses specificity and curiosity.

When we see diagrams, simplifications, comparisons and step by step processes – particularly those that have been named, it reassures us that you are likely to be able to solve our problems and that your offering works.


How can you use it?

To make this work, you just need to do 4 things.

1 – Document your process. (it has to be so simple that you could recall it from memory)

2- Visualise your process (it has to be so simple that you could sketch it from memory)

3 – Name your process (the name itself doesn’t matter too much, just make sure it has a name)

4 – Talk about it in your marketing and messaging. 



One of the most well known examples of this would “The Science Bit” from L’Oreal with Jennifer Aniston.



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