The Buy one Give one Effect

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What is it?

Creating an offer where whatever you sell is also directly supplied to someone in need can be a powerful conversion tool.


Why does it work?

When it comes to enticing buyers to purchase, sometimes they can be swayed just as much by altruistic components as they can by free gifts, and other benefits. In this example, rather than supporting a charity per se, we’re directly and specifically providing something of necessity or value to someone who needs it.

It’s the knowledge that not only will you benefit from the new thing (such as a pair of shoes) but that joy will also be shared by someone else who really needs it – which is a great feeling.


How can you use it?

This can work for products or services, but is more suited to a physical product offering. Consider the commercial implications of creating a model (such as Toms) where you can not only provide your client what they are looking for, but also provide it for someone else and still turn a profit.

The key here is to be as specific as you can about the beneficiary of the donated items as that’s what will allow your buyer to create an image and a connection in their mind which will help to “justify” the purchase.


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