The Chosen Effect

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What is it?

When you approach a potential buyer, it’s more compelling for them if you have done your homework and can articulate why you are the perfect fit for them. By using the notion of selecting/choosing buyers (rather than just dealing with anybody) you can demonstrate not only your professionalism but also make the feels special too.


Why does it work?

It works because we feel special and like we have exclusive access to something if we ar approached specifically. The trick is to get the details right and ensure you are approaching the right people using the right criteria.


How can you use it?

When it comes to your outreach, consider the characteristics of your ideal buyer and use this in your calls/messaging to make them understand that you have prequalified them and are approaching them for a reason, not just spamming any potential buer.



When PS5 was in short supply, this company chose certain buyers to offer their limited stock to.




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