The Let Me Sell For You Effect

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What is it?

If you aren’t speaking to all of the decision makers, then offering to present directly to them, rather than having your pitch relayed internally, can be an attractive offer.


Why does it work?

It works for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, it makes you easier to buy from. The person you are speaking with doesn’t need to spend time relaying what you told them – they simply need to arrange a call/meeting for you to do it yourself.

Secondly, it cuts down on any loss of information through Chinese Whispers and allows you to be present to “justify the price” and handle any objections as they arise.


How can you use it?

The next time you find yourself not talking to the right person, or not all the right people to make a decision. Don’t be afraid to suggest a call to speak with everyone. The justification is quite simply to save this person the time of having to relay what you’ve told them and “sell” for you.



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