The LIVE Effect

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What is it?

Many social media platforms allow you the ability to “go live” and in doing so, it adds a degree of connection and urgency that other types of content simply can’t achieve.

Why does it work?

It works because it makes us feel more connected to you as a person because we know we are seeing you right here and now rather than something you recorded months ago. That sense of being connected is only further enhanced by the spontaneity of a “live” video. We are casually scrolling social media and see you are live so we click to see it as we might experience FOMO and wonder what we might miss out on if we just watch the replay.


How can you use it?

Quite simply – go live!

If relevant to your brand and your audience, could you start to use live content to share events as they happen or to ask questions or make announcements? Using video gives you an advantage over many of your competitors who are too intimidated to use it or just don’t know what to post about or when. THIS is The Video Advantage.


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