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What is it?

At the point of making your offer to the buyer, remind them that they are in control and they don’t have to buy from you.


Why does it work?

It works because as buyers we are looking for not only confidence, certainty and expertise, but we want to feel in control of the sale. Everyone likes to buy, but no-one likes to be sold to, so by “pushing back” at the point of closing the deal and reminding the client to choose what’s best for them.


How can you use it?

At the point of making your offer in person or on the telephone, use the following phrase:

“Of course you don’t have to use us, you can use anyone who helps with xxxx problems, but make sure they can meet your needs which means checking they do xxxx”

This phrase, completed with the specifics of the client’s problem then needs to have a “checklist” that’s specific to the user’s needs.

For example, if it was creating a Clear Sales Message, I would advise you to use a company that help you develop an opening gambit and a causal chain.

The chances are, the competition you are speaking to don’t do this which makes them seem less viable and creates curiosity in you as a buyer as what else could my offering do that others don’t?

Whatever the detail, I am giving you as the buyer, the information and opportunity you need to proceed, not pushing you to do something you don’t want to do.


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