The Specialist Effect

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What is it?

As buyers we are looking for the most relevant solution and the one with the least amount of risk. As such, we are more likely to choose a business or offering that specialises for our need as it means the chances of a swift, high quality outcome are greater than using a more generalist solution.

Why does it work?

It works because of potential risk as we’ve mentioned but when you deal with a specialist you might expect a faster solution or that they can anticipate your needs thanks to their experience/contacts/access to technology.

When you work with a specialist you generally pay more and expect a more seamless service.


How can you use it?

Depending on your business and the scope of your offering, is there something that you already specialise in?

Think about the clients you’ve had and notice patterns, you may already be “specialising” in something and not be aware of it.

Specialising is similar to niching, but they aren’t quite the same. A niche is considering the market segment  you operate in or the buyer type you work with, whereas being a specialist is about further granularity such as the example in the picture. The niche is cars and the specialism is Saab and MINI.
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