The Visualisation Effect

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What is it?

Sometimes your buyers need to “see” what they’re getting. Providing a visual representation of what to expect can be make or break for some clients.

Why does it work?

It works because in the physical product space, we like to to see what we are getting and understand not only how it works, but how large it may be and how it might integrate into our existing business/personal life. It’s all about connection and the elimination of risk and doubt. Social profiles without profile pictures or eBay listings with no images are far harder (impossible?) to connect with than those which have the right imagery to convey the right message.

How can you use it?

This works for physical products by definition, but depending on your offering there are a number of potential applications to consider:

Use it to upsell

In the example image below, my “smaller” MoonPig card is shown against the A4 version which implies I am “cheating” my friend by sending them a “small” birthday card. Being asked to upgrade and being shown these images have two very different impacts – could you present this in your offering?

Show them all the stuff.

Buyers like to feel that they’re getting a lot for their money, so for some offerings a photograph of every single deliverable in one place can communicate abundance and reassure the buyer they are “getting their money’s worth”.

Eradicate questions / misunderstandings

Seeing what something will look like can visually communicate more than text ever could. This means I might be able to answer questions, avoid problems and understand how the end result will fit my expectation – in a single image.

Allow personalisation.

If you provide custom, made to order physical items, then its important that your buyer can see what their choices will look like in real life without the cost and disappointment of only seeing something once it’s been created.


The main thing to consider is what questions are your buyers looking to answer? What’s important for you to communicate (visually) to your buyer to help them make the best decision for themselves?


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Through the magic of visualisation, we know immediately that you can fit a lot of luggage into the boot of this MINI.


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