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What is it?

MLE stands for Minimum Level of Engagement – it’s the minimum you charge for your services.


Why does it work?

It works because it eradicates the uncertainty of price. It sets a bar and communicates to those who perhaps can’t afford you, that you will work for no less than £xxx. This saves time, energy and wasted conversations.


How can you use it?

So long as you are comfortable publishing your prices (and it doesn’t put you at a commercial disadvantage to do so) then being upfront and clear about what you charge at the minimum is something that can be communicated in two ways:

  • Externally – Using “FROM” prices in your marketing.
  • Internally – Using the term “MLE” in conversations with buyers.

If you’re challenged on why this is the case or asked to discount, then you can simply cite “company policy“. You don’t need to justify or give an explanation for an MLE.


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