Shiny Object Syndrome

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What is it?

The tendency to prefer the newest, the latest and the most cutting edge things available. The tendency also to be the first or the best (a variation on The Exclusive Effect)


Why does it work?

By focussing on the latest and newest aspects of your offering you will appeal to those “early adopters” and potential clients who like to be ahead of their peers.

These people don’t mind buying things sometimes even if they are unproven – so long as they are first. Sometimes people buy things to be first, but also just to stop others having them – especially domain names.


How can you use it?

Describe your offering using words ending in “est” –  newest, fastest, shiniest, bestest etc..

Focus on how your offering will put your potential clients ahead of their peers. Focus on how your offering is the latest, greatest and most advanced use of science, art, technology, etc.

If your buyers believe they have the opportunity to buy the newest, bestest most shiniest widget, then it can be a closing factor and move them to buy.


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