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What is it?

The All Access Pass is where you sell your buyer a single item that gives them access to everything you offer.

Why does it work?

It works because it provides freedom and choice to your buyer. Similar to the notion of an “unlimited offer“, having access to every product or service you offer – even if the buyer doesn’t use all of them – is an attractive proposition.

This means you get a new revenue stream and your buyer gets a great deal as an all access pass is essentially a combined deal for everything you offer.

How can you use it?

This works best for businesses with digital products – selling an all access pass to all of your courses – either as a one time payment or a subscription model can be a great way to attract clients who otherwise may not have bought.

To make it happen – you simply need to bundle together the elements and create a compelling price for buying access to all of them.

For example. we have an “all access pass” bundle where you can buy every Practical Sales Training™ course for a reduced price instead of having to choose which course(s) you wanted. You get access to every course (and some bonuses) for a single on off payment.


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