The All In One Effect

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What is it?

If your offering does more than one thing, or combines multiple elements together in one, then it’s worth pointing this out to your buyer, even if it feels obvious to you.


Why does it work?

It works because, much like The Abundance Effect,  it makes it feel like your buyer is getting more for their money. When you itemise the deliverable and talk about everything they get- it can help them to justify the purchase in their mind.


How can you use it?

Consider what your product or service includes or if it achieves the end result without something.

Create an exhaustive list of al the things you do / deliver/include – talk about, or illustrate what’s included, so the buyer sees just what they are getting.



One of the most obvious real world examples of this in action would be a combined shampoo and conditioner – it has everything you need in one product.


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