The Combo Deal

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What is it?

The Combo Deal is all about giving your buyer the freedom and choice to buy the things they want and not be constrained by a rigid deal.

Why does it work?

It works because it provides freedom of choice. We love to get a deal on something, but sometimes this means we may have to compromise. When we can choose “any 3 for £15” and “create our own” combination deal, we are met with maximum choice and maximum value – a win/win.

How can you use it?

Depending on your business, you may have a number of different products and services you offer. Rather than simply offering a discount or a deal, consider how you could allow your buyers the freedom to “build” their own deal by combining elements of your offering for a discounted rate.


10 alternative ways to discount your offering:

    1. First purchase– Discount the first purchase a buyer makes with you.
    2. Follow up offer – Follow up those who didn’t buy with an incentive.
    3. Cashback – Don’t discount, but provide cash back to those who pay full price.
    4. Themed Sale – Create an event or reason to hold a sale.
    5. Price Match – Offer to match the genuine price of a competitor.
    6. Buy more – Incentivise buyers to spend more with ascending discounts.
    7. Free gift- Offer a free gift with purchase.
    8. Early bird – Offer a discount for those who buy/pay in advance.
    9. Flash Sale – Hold a flash sale
    10. Budget version -create a naturally cheaper version of your offering to appeal to lower spending buyers.


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