The Eco Effect

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What is it?

By focussing on the Green credentials that your offering or your company have, you can engage new buyers and differentiate from the “non-Green” competitors.

Why does it work?

It works because the concern with protecting our environment and ensuring everything we do is sustainable will only become more pervasive over time. Adapting your offering so that it’s sustainably made, free from things that aren’t good for the environment or in some way considerate of the planet will encourage faith in potential buyers.



How can you use it?

If you have a physical product then adapting how it is made and transported so that it does have Green credentials is an essential move. In the short term it helps sales, but in the long term the rules around material supply and transportation will only become stricter.

If you offer a service then having a “carbon neutral” office or making donations to Green charities for each purchase will help to offset the potential negatives and ensure you appear “Green”.


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