The Independent Effect

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What is it?

As buyers we want to know that we are being dealt with in an honest and fair way and that the person selling to us has our best interests at heart. We know this isn’t always the case, so any seller that is independent and not tied to certain solutions, brands or products has a higher chance of dealing with us in a fair way.


Why does it work?

It works because of our natural aversion to risk.  We want to know that the solutions we buy will not only work and have been proven to work, but that they’re relevant and appropriate to our needs. Paying too much or buying something that’s of low quality or just ineffective is an experience many of us have had and one we want to avoid repeating at all costs.


How can you use it?

This isn’t relevant to all businesses,  but if you do genuinely look at all solutions in the market regardless of brand, supplier or an incentive you may be paid as an affiliate, then promoting your independence can be a useful tool for conversion and differentiation.


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