The Lifetime Effect

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What is it?

Providing access to services, or warranties that last for the lifetime of the person or the product can help your buyer make a more informed buying decision.


Why does it work?

It works because it’s an attractive risk limiter to buyers.

  • If it’s lifetime access – they will use this to justify the price of your offering and deem it a great deal.
  • If it’s lifetime warranty – they will use this to quell any risk related questions they may have.

Depending on your offering, it may not put you at any commercial risk to offer a “lifetime” warranty or access, so it’s well worth considering.


How can you use it?

For lifetime access – it’s simply a case of providing the technical access to the assets you have and considering how you minimise any abuse or misuse of your generosity.

For lifetime warranty, the main consideration here is whether or not this is commercially viable for you to do. The lifetime of a product (or a person) can be a long time and if things go wrong, are you ready to cover the downside?

If you can make this work, then you simply need to lay out the terms and conditions to your buyers and then have a simple graphic created to help you promote it to future potential buyers.


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