The Logic Effect

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What is it?

The Logic Effect looks at the fact that your buyers will process your offering and their needs in a logical fashion – if you change the order you will risk engagement.

Why does it work?

If works because as humans we are logical creatures; we like to do one thing at a time in order to completion. Any deviation from a logical series of events will create a potential barrier to understanding, engagement and thus a barrier to the sale.

The word logic itself comes from how you connect the spoken word in terms of viewpoints and assumptions. Logic is the core factor to keep your potential client’s attention and engagement.

How can you use it?

Considering your offering from the client perspective; what are the steps they need to follow to get the best from your offering? How will your offering deliver the value your client needs and is it described in a logical order?

Consider how much information is presented at one time (to avoid overchoice) and whether it allows for emotional or rational engagement.


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