The Rename Effect

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What is it?

Renaming people, places and things so that they match your branding and messaging.

Why does it work?

It works because it allows you to dictate the vernacular that your buyers use and also to potentially become eponymous in the space you operate. In the same way we Hoover (even if it’s a Dyson), renaming things (like a hot chocolate vending van called a ChocMobile) can become the standard and mean that even your competitors are referred to with YOUR names and messaging which is a powerful commercial tool.

How can you use it?

This isn’t for every business or every offering, but consider the people, places and things you use in the course of your business and how you could rename them so that they match your branding / messaging.

You can name things like:

It’s also important to have a named process of working to articulate “how” you do what you do.

We have a book dedicated to naming things which will help.


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