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What is it?

Viral Tagging is when you attach your branding / logo to the products and services you provide. One of the best examples would be the classic “powered by Calendly” or “Website by <web design company>” links that are attached to webpages.

Why does it work?

It works because firstly it helps your brand name to reach a new audience and increase exposure. Whether it’s a physical item such as a fence with the name of the fencing company logo on it or  a digital item such as a website with a link to the web design company who created it, it works because it allows new buyers to see an offering at work in the real world and know exactly where to purchase it for themselves. In this regard, it’s a variant of the Freemium Effect or Demonstration Effect where buyers can see what you offer and how it works, before they buy.


How can you use it?

This doesn’t work very well for services as it needs something for your branding/logo/link to be added to.

For digital products, you can add a simple link to your website in the form of your logo or a phrase like “powered by Calendly”. For physical products, you can add a sign, sticker or label that has the same detail – your logo or a note about the fact that your company provided the physical product.

The downside to using Viral Tagging is that some consumers don’t like having company logos on their goods so it’s worth having an option to remove the branding either by request or upon payment as an upgrade (as in the form of Calendly.)

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