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What is it?

Sometimes the decision to buy is made for you (either way) as there are some simple and obvious factors that make something worthwhile or not.


Why does it work?

It works because it puts the buyer in control of the decision.

It also simplifies the decision – if XYZ criteria are met, then the decision is made for you.

It also abdicates your buyer from responsibility as the “situation” has decided for them.


How can you use it?

Whether or not something is “worth” buying is based on some simple considerations:
  • Either I will like the service/product – or I won’t (experience)
  • It will perform / not perform (results)
  • I will use it / won’t use it (usage)
  • It will integrate with my existing stuff – or it won’t (integration)
  • It feels like a better use of time/money than any other solution (efficiency)
  • Will it make or save more money than it costs me? (return on investment)
Pointing out that “the decision is made for you” is similar to the push back in terms of reminding the buyer that THEY are in control.



For my own Clear Sales Message™ consultancy I will ask buyers what their average transaction size is and how many people they sell to on an annual basis.

Working on the presumption that my work makes their offering easier to understand and thus buy, it’s not unfair to expect 1 in 10 people might now buy whereas they wouldn’t have previously. That’s a potential 10% increase which, when calculayed with average sale value, provides a simple ROI calculation for the buyer which i either more or less than what I charge.


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