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What is it?

A diagram is a powerful tool to not only explain something simply, but to communicate experience and expertise. Using diagrams in your communication can really help, especially if you have an intangible offering


Why does it work?

It works for a couple of reasons:

  • Makes a concept easier to understand. When you have a visualisation of something, it can make it that much easier to understand and connect with rather than simply having an explanation of the thing.
  • Adds tangibility. A diagram can make an “intangible” offering like consultancy or coaching feel so much more established and credible than simply having an explanation.
  • Implies expertise. A diagram implies thought, care and time have gone into something. If you can create a diagram to explain a concept, you must be experienced and capable in that subject.


How can you use it?

You can produce 3 types of diagram:


1 –  “How to”  diagram to explain a process.

2 – Comparison -how does your offering compare

3 – Size diagram  – how large or small is your offering?


Quite simply, think about “how” you do what you do and then how you can visualise it.

Which processes, methods, cycles and systems do you use in your day to day client work? Select one or two of them and then consider which type of diagram would be most suited to explaining the concept.

To make things even more impactful, name the process or diagram.


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