The Repurposing Effect

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What is it?

The Repurposing Effect is the process of encouraging clients to consume your offering in new ways.


Why does it work?

It works because sometimes we need to be told that we can use products and services in new ways.  (an example of WYSIWYG).

Who knew cereal could be a great snack or that you can use Coca Cola to clean your toilet (True story). Often when a product or service is repurposed it can lead to feelings of exclusivity amongst buyers and create a sub culture of clients – as evidenced by the cereal cafes that have popped up across the world.


How can you use it?

If appropriate to your offering, how can you encourage your clients to consume your products or services in new ways? If you have a personal offering could it be repurposed to businesses? If you have a business offering could you repurpose it to personal clients?

You can begin by looking at the opposite of the marketplace where you sell and how your offering is consumed. Factors such as date, time, weather, gender and more can be flipped to find new potential buyers and repurposing success.

In this spirit we have created Clear Dating Message for singletons looking to portray themselves in the best light.


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